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Patrick Requests Perry Add List Of Items To Special Session Agenda

State of Texas

Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, who has announced his candidacy in the lieutenant governor's race, is calling on Gov. Rick Perry to add his school voucher bill, campus-carry bill and sanctuary city bill to the third special session agenda along with a full audit of CSCOPE.

CSCOPE -- an online education curriculum provider that was used by 877 school districts in the state -- has ended its services to state school districts following anti-American allegations from conservatives and political pressure led by Patrick.

"The CSCOPE lesson plans are no longer being sold to schools and that should have ended the issue, but a lawyer and some zealous CSCOPE supporters have said that they can still use them," Patrick said via a video on his Youtube channel. "Now, I disagree. Eventually a court may have to decide the issue, but we can resolve the issue with additional legislation that I filed in the last special session and that I filed in this special session."

Earlier this summer, the Texas State School Board decided that the CSCOPE lesson plans were in the public domain and therefore exempt from being banned.

Patrick alleges that CSCOPE spent millions of dollars outside of the normal governmental rules and is proposing the group be audited.

"The lieutenant governor recently told conservatives that he would push for more legislation in 2015 to close down CSCOPE lesson plans once and for all. Why wait?  Let’s pass it now," Patrick said.