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Republicans Remove "Global Warming" From Environmental Bill

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House Bill 788 will allow the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to issue permits for greenhouse gas emissions, but a last minute change to the bill removed the phrase, "climatic changes, including global warming."

Rep. Chris Turner, D-Arlington, initially supported the bill until this change in wording.

"There is absolutely no reason to remove that language regardless of what you think about global warming, climate change - what its causes are. This is simply a political move to make an out-of-step statement on a fairly well accepted issue as it relates to the environment," Turner said.

Turner said it is simply a statement against climate change. 

"I think it has to be viewed that way. Why else oppose it unless you simply want to make a statement that you don't believe that climate change is an issue." Turner said.

The bill passed on a vote of 119 to 23; Turner’s amendment to include the original language that included "global warming" as a reason for greenhouse emissions was voted down.