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Debate On Abortion Clinic Standards Touches Off Shouting Match

Ryan Poppe | Texas Public Radio

A bill requiring higher standards for abortion providers has made it out of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services and is now on the senate floor for full review.

The discussion on the matter of requiring abortion providers to have a similar setup as surgical office quickly escalated from a civil conversation to a yelling match between the author of the bill, Sen. Bob Duell, R-Greenville, and Virginia Brawn, who owns a North Texas women's clinic.

"We have patients that sleep in our parking lot with their seven or eight children that they don’t have money to feed.  And you are suggesting that this is not a problem. They will take a coat hanger, they will die!" Brawn said during her testimony against the proposed bill.

Duell argued that women would not have to seek out alternative means for an abortion if the clinics were subjected to a higher standard of care with provisions that require an abortion provider have emergency and ambulatory services made available for any type of abortion service.