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El Paso Lawmaker Apologizes For Alleged Drunk Driving Incident

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After being arrested, booked and released from jail for allegedly driving while intoxicated, Rep. Naomi Gonzalez, D-El Paso, apologized to the entire Texas House.

During this year’s South by Southwest festival, Gonzalez is alleged to have been driving drunk when she hit another motorist, which caused a cyclist to be injured in process. 

On the House floor on Monday, Gonzalez asked the Speaker of the House for the special privilege to speak about something not concerning the House agenda.

"I made a mistake and I am deeply sorry for it. I am sorry for the shame I brought upon this house and brought upon this district, I am grateful no one was seriously injured... To you, my family, friends, colleagues and constituents I ask for your understanding and I pledge to you that nothing like this will happen again."

Following her public apology, the House erupted in applause and Gonzalez received a standing ovation from fellow lawmakers.