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SAWS Program Will Help Homeowners Make Drought-Friendly Yard Changes

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Eileen Pace

The San Antonio Water System board just approved a program that will help customers transform portions of their landscape to save water.

Though past landscape programs have required customers to make purchases up front to get a rebate, the new program issues a coupon before the purchase, giving households a discount on approved plants and a required amount of mulch at a local nursery.

"Some of the plants we anticipate being on these packages are Blue Plumbago, and Autumn Sage, and Rosemary. Plants that have texture and color and look like they might need a lot of water but they just don't," said SAWS Conservation Director Karen Guz.

Any SAWS customer who lives in the city will qualify for the coupon.

SAWS Communications Manager Anne Hayden said this new program is the first in a series of programs that will be active every four months to help residents make water-saving changes to their yards year round - anticipating continued dry weather.

Hayden said the utility will be following up to make sure those who got the coupons made the changes. Those who do not follow through will not qualify for later programs.

Look for an announcement on the Fall program at the end of summer.

While SAWS is currently working out specifics with San Antonio nurseries, Hayden said the coupons will save customers about half the cost on their qualifying purchase.

Homeowners can start to apply in May, when Hayden said they hope to start taking applications.