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Conservative Websites Release CSCOPE Tests For This School Year

Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC)

A group of conservative activists have posted dozens of tests online connected to the controversial CSCOPE lesson plans, which will cost the operating group an estimated $1 million to replace them for teachers who are still using them for this year.

The Texas System of Education Service Centers, the group that developed and manage the CSCOPE lesson plans, has seen at least 30 tests connected from the system show up on two conservative-based websites, one of those is www.redhotconservative.com

Ginger Russell runs the website and said she didn’t need to steal any passwords to retrieve the test materials and post them online.

"I don’t have a password," she said. "There’s teachers around the state that aren’t happy with them -- a teacher sent them to me."

Mason Moses with the Texas System of Education Service Centers said that has compromised the testing schedule for hundreds of school districts that still rely on CSCOPE lesson plans and will cost their group about $1 million to rewrite.

For now they have scrapped an entire year's worth of exams except for the first 6-week batch.

"We’re talking to the necessary people to see what rights we have and what we can do to prevent this from happening in the future," Moses said. "We’re definitely going to look at what we need do in the system to ensure this doesn’t happen and additionally what actions would be necessary or appropriate for us to take."

Moses said that includes the possibility of legal action.

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