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An Exciting First Day Of Pre-K For Students, Parents & Mayor

Ryan Loyd
TPR News

Not everyone gets a personal greeting from San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro on the first day of school, and not everyone gets to speak to him as personally as this.

Pete Aleman got to shake Castro's hand and thank him for the opportunity for his twin sons to attend Pre-K 4 SA.

"I think it was a blessing for me and my wife," Aleman said. "We both had said we wanted to thank him personally because without him they would not be going to school today."

Their twin boys Jonathan and Jaden didn't get into the pre-K program at their local school, so Pre-K 4 SA is giving them that chance. The Alemans also have younger twin daughters.

"I see a bright future," Aleman said. "The Lord gives you what you can only handle and he says we can handle four -- two sets of twins. Something good's going to come out of this, one way or another."

As excited as parents and children were for today, Castro was equally so, since he has staked the success of his tenure as mayor on the success, or failure, of the program.

Credit Ryan Loyd / TPR News
TPR News
Pre-K 4 SA buses are off and rolling.

"I feel very fortunate to be here as mayor right now," he said. "I got into politics because I wanted to see more people have the opportunity to reach their dreams the way I have and this is the coming to fruition of one important step in that."

Castro will now look forward to progress reports to help him and city council keep track of how well the program is working.

"There are going to be reports back in the beginning every six months so that folks here have an opportunity to make adjustments, make improvements if there are some that need to be made," he said.