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Keep your San Antonian pets safe this New Year's

A puppy hides underneath a bed.
Dominic Anthony Walsh
Texas Public Radio
A puppy hides underneath a bed.

New Year's is around the corner, which means firework displays — and random, unexpected fireworks — are, too.

As you take into accountsafety precautions for New Year's celebrations, don't forget to think about your pets.

San Antonio Metropolitan Health District has released guidance on how to keep your pets and your neighbors' pets stay happy and safe.

Not all pets like fireworks. If you're planning to go to a firework display outdoors, consider keeping your pet at home or staying home with them. If you leave them alone, make sure they are in a quiet, secure place.

Quiet places are best. A closed-off area inside your home is the best place for most best during loud celebrations like New Year's Eve, Metro Health says. Some pets may get destructive, so remove anything that you think may be in danger of being chewed up by your pet. Also make sure to leave fresh food and water, as well as toys and treats too.

Don't leave your pets unattended outside. Even if you have a fence around your yard or if you're thinking of leaving your pet tied up, Metro Health says that pets may overreact if they're scared by loud noises. You don't want to risk your pet getting entangled by their leash or risk them feeling like the only way to escape the noise is by digging a hole under your fence and escaping.

Keep your pet safe from animal cruelty. Pranksters may also be out and about on New Year's Eve, so indoors is the safest option for your pet.

Collars can help get your pet home. If your pet does escape, a collar and microchip ID will help return them home, especially if they are picked up by the city's Animal Care Officers.

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