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Committee Designing San Antonio's First Comprehensive Plan Since 1978

Ryan Loyd
TPR News
San Antonio City Hall

It’s been 37 years since San Antonio has drafted a new Comprehensive Plan, a long-term focus for the city that predicts the area’s growth needs.

The City has embarked on a plan that takes concepts of SA2020 to the next level.

"Where SA2020 is a near-term vision, the comprehensive plan will be a long-term roadmap," said City Councilman Ron Nirenberg, chairman of the Comprehensive Plan Committee.

COMP-PLAN-2040 is a process to implement goals and to make sure all elements of the city’s future needs are addressed. The council committee Thursday heard its first report on broadband access.

Nirenberg said because of the federal priority for gigabit speed broadband, cities’ control over infrastructure has been reduced. He said the city must be vigilant about neighborhoods and historic preservation.

“We want to be proactive so that we can map out and plan for infrastructure in a way that protects historic sites, protects environmental assets and also the integrity of our neighborhoods. Digging up the streets, replacing towers in certain areas – we want to make sure we have a good handle on that as we begin to build out our city.”

Planners told the committee that Google is working on the engineering phase of its process to bring its Fiber network into San Antonio, but it is also looking at eight other cities.

The committee also heard its first report on transportation through 2040 from the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

CompPlan2040 will target 11 areas from economic growth and housing to military and natural resources.