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Rob Martinez / TPR

Nearly two years since the Taliban once again seized control of Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans are rebuilding their lives in cities across America.

About 76,000 were evacuated from Kabul airport on U.S. military planes in one of the largest airlift operations in history. Others made dangerous journeys through Central and South America to reach the US southern border. Whatever route they took, they carried little more than hope for better lives and brighter futures.

San Antonio, a military city with unique ties to the post-9/11 wars, was the fourth largest resettlement area for Afghans after the fall of their country. But arrival in a new land doesn’t guarantee stability. Some Afghans are languishing in bureaucratic limbo, while others have taken tentative steps to rebuild their communities.

This special series from TPR News explores challenges they've faced and the ones still ahead of them: the immigration processing delays, the cultural differences, the future prospects for their children -- and how their experiences enrich the San Antonio community.