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There are eco-friendly ways for San Antonio to celebrate Fiesta with cascarones

Patricia Lim
Texas Standard

Fiesta begins this week, and cascarones — the eggshells you crush to sprinkle your loved ones with colorful confetti — are one of its most popular traditions.

But the confetti in some of the store bought eggs may contain glitter, mylar or other plastic components.

When they’re scattered on the ground, they contribute to plastic pollution in waterways, and they pose a danger to wildlife.

So, the San Antonio River Authority recently posted on its website some instructions for people to make their eco-friendly cascarones.

One option is to fill them with small leaves instead of confetti. Use a hole puncher to make them into circles or stars.

Or, go a step further and fill them with seeds. That leaves behind a snack for the birds.

Some things that are needed are Big Bear bird seeds, eggs, sewing needles, glue, tissue, and food coloring.

Be sure to wash the eggs thoroughly before filling them with these alternatives.

These ideas are part of SARA's "Don't Let Litter Trash Your River" initiative, which is meant to educate the public, remind them to clean up after themselves during Fiesta, and inspire them to pick up litter when they're around nearby creeks and rivers.

SARA's website also offers these tips:

  • "Bring trash bags to your next outdoor gathering or picnic."
  • "Tie down any tents, chairs, or decorations to prevent them from becoming litter in our river."
  • "Use reusable utensils and containers when picnicking or grilling out at the park."
  • "Bring your reusable water bottle and fill it up at the drinking fountain."
  • "Don't leave items behind! Celebrate with Fiesta Medals and goodies you can take home and re-use."
Creating, producing and collecting Fiesta medals: It’s one of the odd things about Fiesta that distinguishes it from citywide celebrations any where else.…
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