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Youth Orchestras of San Antonio plans concert with salsa, Hendrix, Dvorak and inspiration

Page Graham

Youth Orchestras of San Antonio plans an eclectic concert at the Tobin Center on Sunday that it hopes will creatively inspire children.

Music Director Troy Peters was excited about the program's variety. “This Sunday night, YOSA is going to be presenting a program with the electric violinist Tracy Silverman, who is this incredibly eclectic, creative guy who plays jazz and rock and classical and everything in between.”

He added: “It's an infectious and theatrical piece of music. It's just got this incredibly dramatic sense of direction to it,” Peters added. “And Tracy Silverman is just this really charismatic performer. Audiences love him, and it's going to be a really fun show.”

I Wish - [Stevie Wonder] - Tracy Silverman Cover

Another performance will combine salsa and Jimi Hendrix.

“And we're doing a piece by a Puerto Rican composer named Roberto Sierra, that is -- just imagine Jimi Hendrix playing with a symphony orchestra with a salsa percussion section. I mean, absolutely electric and driving and a little bit crazy and fun,” he said.

The YOSA Philharmonic will also include some Dvorak.

“We're also doing some stuff without our soloists, so we're doing Dvorak's Symphony Number 8, which is one of the most tuneful, relaxing pieces of music in the entire classical repertoire — just full of great melodies,” Peters said.

Estampas Mexicanas: I. Ferial

He's confident that the kids will be inspired when they share the stage with incredible talents.

“The real core of what we tried to do is give kids musical experiences in a group that make them think, 'Wow, I can do more than I ever imagined,'” he said. “And then that transfers to the rest of their lives. Most of them will not become professional musicians, but they all have a better developed sense of their own potential.”

Tickets for the Sunday concert are available here.

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