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'Stargazer' sculpture joins the River Walk Public Art Garden

The sculpture "Stargazer" by Pedro Reyes joins the collection at the River Walk Public Art Garden
The City of San Antonio's Arts and Culture Department
The sculpture "Stargazer" by Pedro Reyes joins the collection at the River Walk Public Art Garden

A new public art sculpture was unveiled Monday on the River Walk. The sculpture is titled "Stargazer" and is about 16 feet tall, according to Krystal Jones with the city's Department of Arts and Culture.

“We worked with the renowned Mexican artist Pedro Reyes on this piece, and it's a beautiful piece that is located on the river level, right where the manmade portion of the block splits to go to the shops at River Center or the Convention Center. So, you really can't miss it,” Jones said.

Its unveiling during Spring Break means the sculpture will attract national and international eyes, as well as local. Jones added Reyes' "Stargazer" joins many pieces created by San Antonio artists.

"We have called Kaldrick Dow. He has the 'Spheres of Reflection' connection piece. We also have Carlos Cortez and Doroteo Garza’s piece, 'Najo Jām,' which connects to a larger installation at Comanche Lookout Park. And we also have artists like Leticia Huerta with 'Bloom' and Ashley Mireles and Kade Bradshaw with their 'Green Spaces at Market Street' piece," Jones said.

Part of the city’s objective is to share local artists with those who vacation here. Dozens of artworks are at street and river levels between Alamo Street and the River Center Mall. 

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