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Mariachi Group Will Serenade Your Mom For Mother's Day

dru | photography
Álvaro Del Norte and Regino Lopez"

If you're thinking about Mother's Day and what to do for your mother, there’s a gift  that's both ultra traditional and, appropriately, very sweet. Álvaro Del Norte  says that idea is having someone show up and serenade your favorite mother. 

"It's a tradition of going to visit moms and abuelas on Mother's Day and singing them Las Mañanitas and other very traditional beautiful songs," he said.

Del Norte's two-man group Los Callejeros De San Anto does precisely that. 

"We're carrying it on and you know in San Antonio there are a lot of groups of Mariachis that do that,” Del Norte said. “It's a nice, beautiful tradition that we're happy to be part of."

As to what they play, it seems Las Mañanitas is a favorite.

Credit dru | photography
Álvaro Del Norte and Regino Lopez

"Las Mañanitas is a classic Mexican song that is sung on birthdays or Mother’s Days, or any kind of celebratory event or occasion,” he said. “And basically it's just a song of singing praises, and how lovely they are and how nice it is to see them, and how much they are loved by their family and friends."

It's the most common request, but there are many other songs that can be sung.

"We do have recommendations. You know we have other ballads like Mi Tesoro, Amor Eterno, Mil Noches. But we also have several other songs that they can choose from," he said. 

You provide the mother to serenade and they provide a pair of accordion and bajo-sexto-playing singers — with masks. He suggests you book soon though, as slots are fast disappearing.

"If anybody is interested in us they should get ahold of us really fast," he said. 

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