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The Chamanas' New Single Has A Message About U.S. Immigration Policy

The Chamanas confronts the proposed wall along the Mexican border in a new single.
The Chamanas confronts the proposed wall along the Mexican border in a new single.

The U.S./Mexico border is the source of intense political discourse and heartbreaking stories of people caught in between a multi-sided immigration debate. For quite a while now, very strident music has been coming out that reflects all of the above.

The "fronterizo indie-pop fusion band" (their words) come from the El Paso, Texas/Juárez , Mexico part of the border and the music the members create is fueled by the intense history and human drama of their hometowns. The band's name is a alternative vocalization of "shaman," a spiritual person with healing energies. The Chamanas is definitely living up to the name.

Along with its first album Once Once in 2015, and a list of high profile gigs, The Chamanas has released a series of impressively creative videos with imaginative visual stories and stellar photography.

"If You Build It We Will Break It," however, breaks with tradition and shows the band performing in a rehearsal space. This juxtaposition makes an impression. Visual storytelling is out and instead we can focus on the passion of the band's message in addressing proposal to build a "long and beautiful wall" across our Southern border in a bilingual collaboration with Jim Ward (At The Drive In, SPARTA) and Kiko Rodriguez.

"If You Build It We Will Break It" is from the band's upcoming album NEA,due July 20.

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