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'X-perimental' San Antonio Band Featured In 'Texas Monthly'

A San Antonio band is getting some noteworthy statewide recognition. 

But if you're used to quick descriptions of what kind of music a band plays, Daniela Riojas, singer of Femina-X, said her style of music might warrant a much longer description.

"We identify as Latin alternative. There's also elements of folk involved, but also with a rock edge — always with a lot of Mexican-American/Latin rhythms and influences, ranging from jungle to sort of tropical sounds," she said. "Then just straight Latin or cumbia sounds as well."

In the October issue of the "Texas Monthly," Femina-X garners statewide attention in the article "There's More Than Mariachi On The River Walk."

"Yeah, which I think was an interesting title because they did note that we closed out our set with 'Volver, Volver,' which obviously is a very famous Mariachi song," she said.

Riojas said she and her band mates are about to record a new album.

"We're now going to document everything that we've been working on for the last year and a half," she said.  "This will be our second album."

As to what the name Femina-X means, Femina came first, but she hard a harder time with determining a second word to exemplify what they were creating.

"I kinda just put an 'X' ... as a placeholder," she said, laughing. "It's kinda like a Planet X, where there's a lot of unknowns but it allows for a lot of exploration as well."

And it looks like Femina's "X-periment" is just beginning.



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