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Buddhist Art, Billy Joe Shaver And Gridiron Gone Wild: Your Weekend's Here!

On Fridays, we give you a preview of some of the weekend's most interesting events. This week, it's a little different, with an emphasis on the last event.  

First off, on Saturday at the Institute of Texan Cultures Buddhist monks are creating a community mandala out of colorful sands. It's called The Mystical Arts of Tibet, and promises to be both fascinating and beautiful. Then on Saturday night, Texas original Billy Joe Shaver is playing a great live outdoor venue outside of Boerne, the Round Up. 

Also on Saturday night: Gridiron. What's Gridiron? Fashion Guru Michael Quintanilla fills us in.

"A show with two acts that's filled with skits that skewer and poke fun at local and national politics, and newsmakers."

Quintanilla adds this light-hearted warning.

"Everyone is fair game, so look out!"

Think Saturday Night Live, with local media people as actors, singers and dancers, poking fun of everyone, including themselves.

"Yes, we poke fun at ourselves, too. We have a lot of skits that involve songs, and skits about fake news. Vladimir Putin makes an appearance. Donald Trump makes several appearances."

The cornerstone for Gridiron seems to be the over-the-top video Quintanilla creates ever year, and it all starts with a song.

"I always pick the hottest song of the summer." 

This year is no different; he chose the song Despacito. And what he did with that song is convince city leaders...to dance.

"I was able to get all 10 council members, and we have--what?--four new ones. I was able to get the mayor and his wife.  And one of my favorite dancers is Sheryl Scully.  And she knows how to move. That lady can move!"

You will see your city council like you never have before.

"Councilman Brockhouse was terrific. I mean...who knew? Ana Sandoval was a revelation. Her dancing was just so artistic.  Elegant, but with some sass."

Politicians are known for their reserve, but not on this night.

"I no longer call it City Hall. I call it City Dance Hall!"  Quintanilla laughed.

Check it out, Saturday night only.  

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Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii