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Briscoe Museum Features Women In Western Film Series

The Briscoe Western Art Museum's Summer Film Series continues, and every year the museum chooses a different theme. The Briscoe's Sharon Garcia explains this year's choice of Women of the West.

"The focus of this year's film series are strong women, not shrinking violets or demure damsels in distress. But strong lead characters that sort of defy Hollywood's portrayal of Women in the West," she says.

Given the exceptional hardship of life in the West, women didn't have much of a choice but to be strong.

"No, absolutely not! They just had to sorta sink or swim, and so these films really pay homage to these strong women that really helped forge the West and define the West," Garcia says.

The one-film-a-month Tuesday night series began in May and will run through August.

"So the next one we have coming up is sort of a departure from a typical western; it's a musical western – Cat Ballou, which stars Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin," she says.

That's Tuesday evening June 20.

"The next one in July is Meek's Cutoff, which stars Michelle Williams. And it follows this group of settlers as they embark on this punishing journey along the Oregon Trail," Garcia says. "The final film – The Homesman – is directed by Tommy Lee Jones, and he stars in it, along with Hilary Swank. And Hilary Swank kind of comes in and saves the day as these three women are isolated; they've been led astray by their guide and she and Tommy Lee Jones sort of come in to rescue them."

Those Tuesday night showings also have  additional benefits.

"The galleries are open, so you can come and visit the museum before or after the film. All of the films are free, with a suggested five dollar donation. They are indoors, and we have free popcorn, free beer provided by Ranger Creek, and there's also a food truck and palletas for sale," Garcia explains. "It's really a great opportunity to come downtown, get out of the heat, see a film that you're not going to see either at the theater or even on Netflix. "

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