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Conspirare Sings Christmas Praises

An Austin-based choral group is planning their San Antonio Christmas performance.  The group is Conspirare, and their Art Director, Craig Hella Johnson, describes the group this way:

"A musical family of singers who come from all over the country. From New York and Minneapolis and Seattle and some small places in between, and certainly we have some in Austin also."

Their ensemble includes some musical something you often don't hear with choruses: instrumentation.

"We're a capella plus a handful of instruments," Johnson says.

Those instruments can add a lot of depth and soul. Johnson says he's happy to be back in the Alamo City.

"We're thrilled to be coming to San Antonio, a great city. This Christmas concert is a real mix. We have classical choral pieces throughout. Music by Bach, British composer Will Todd, Rautavarra the great Finnish composer, but also, collections of folk music.  We sing Christmas Carols," he says.

Johnson cites an intangible aspect to the event that's important to him. Something a little more spiritual.

"To have us all sitting together in the same room together saying we're deeply committed to this message of love, which is a message which is core to the holiday season."

They're performing in perhaps the city's best place for sound.

"We're so excited to be singing again at the Tobin Center, Wednesday, December 7th, a 7:30 p.m. concert. I'm so eager to connect with my San Antonio friends, and make new ones as well," Johnson says.

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