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A Mission Bike Ride, A New Way To See 9-11, And Mid-Texas Symphony: Your Weekend's Here!

The Weekend's upon us and there are all kinds of fun and fascinating things to do. Here are three for your consideration:  First off, a Saturday morning World Heritage Festival bike ride. Earn-A-Bike's Cristian Sandoval talks about the Tour de Las Misiones.

"The ride starts at 8a.m. And we will be visiting each of the San Antonio Missions. Each of the Missions will be holding a series of activities," Sandoval says.

Mission experts will tell backstories about each mission and answer questions. Regarding the ride, various iterations of it clock in at just two miles, all the way up to 22 miles, visiting each and every mission.

"And we will end up at Mission Park Pavilion, where you will be greeted by (the restaurant) Niches and Alamo Beer and other food vendors, and a big Mission Pachanga."

On Sunday the Institute of Texan Cultures holds an interesting commemoration on 9-11.

"September 11th happens to be Free Second Sunday at the Institute of Texan Cultures."

That's the ITC's James Benavides, and he's got a question for you.

"What does freedom mean to you?"

He says the stories shown in the exhibits at the Institute of Texan Cultures are precisely that--people coming to Texas to define their view of freedom.

"We're looking at stories of freedom and stories of people who came here to seek a new life," he says.

Partnering with Gemini Ink, the ITC is inviting you to look at the 9-11 event in a new way--and then write about it. Among many other questions, he wants you to ask yourself this:  "What do your liberties mean to you?"

Also, Sunday in Seguin, the Mid-Texas Symphony kicks off its 39th season. They too will be honoring those who perished in 9-11. 

"We're doing an homage to the indomitable American spirit," says the Symphony's CJ Washington. After that musical 9-11 benediction, they move on to Gershwin.

"We're also doing Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F with our guest artist Peter Dugan, an amazing young pianist. And a very popular piece--Symphony #9 From the New World by Dvorak."

It all happens at 4p.m., Sunday, at Jackson Auditorium on the Texas Lutheran University campus.

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Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii