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Farmer's Market, Gospel Brunch Art And Afro-Cuban Music: Your Weekend Is Here!

From a Gospel brunch to Afro-Cuban music, to a Farmer's Market, get ready--the Weekend's here. Saturday morning at Trinity University, it's the Trinity Market. It's the city's only University-sponsored Farmer's Market.

"We really focus on Health and Wellness, so most of our vendors offer healthy options in addition to your farmers and ranchers that come out."

That's Trinity's Haley Sayrs.

"We have a lot of international food at the market so they're very excited to share their culture and traditions with vendor patrons."

And there's a lot more she wanted to talk about.

"Tons of free fitness classes and yoga classes as well as live entertainment, both music and improv."   

Also on Saturday morning--so this is cool. Check out what Artpace is doing.

"We are experimenting with this program of Gospel and spoken word in one of our Gallery spaces."

Artpace's Scott Williams cites a very obscure law about such gatherings.

"...there's a federal law that says you have to provide brunch."

I interrupted. "I don't think there's a federal law saying that!" Williams laughed.

"Yeah, well there should be because everybody loves brunch!"

True enough. As to what's going on: Spoken word poetry, Gospel music, Mimosas, and as usual...

"Like everything at Artpace it's free to come and enjoy the music, free to enjoy the shows."

Brunch is for purchase, all else is free. Then on Saturday night, feel the beat!

"Peditro Martinez is a percussionist and vocalist..."

Katy Silva is with the Guadalupe Cultural Arts.

"...and they do Afro Cuban Music and Latin Jazz. Grammy nominated, they're really phenomenal; we're really excited to have them in our theater."

At a place like the Guadalupe you can get up nice and close. 

"Yes, absolutely. And  we have a dance floor for this performance. There's also going to be some Cuban food, so come hungry."

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