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Short Films Share Stories Of San Antonio Neighborhoods

The Neighborhood Film Projectwraps up on Wednesday night. Debbie Racca-Sittre is the Department for Culture and Creative Development's interim director.

"We really try to bring people in from across the city so that they can showcase their own film making abilities, and tell about their community, their neighborhoods in a short film."

Locally selected judges have weaned through the various entries evaluating story line, cinematography and creativity, and they will soon award the top prize.

"You can win $3,500 if your film is the No. 1 in its category. And there are four categories.  They are Documentary, Animation, Drama and Comedy," she said. "So, we're going to give up to 10 prizes. And in those four categories there'll be a top prize for each. And then we intend to give a second prize for each category as well."

They also have created a student category, wherein cash prizes are awarded. The Neighborhood Film Project culminates in that awards ceremony on Wednesday night at the Carver Cultural Center. Racca-Sittre hopes you'll come.

"And it's free and open to the public. Anybody can come. We'll be showing all 16 entries.  The maximum [length] was 7 minutes. Most of them are shorter than 7 minutes so it'll take a couple of hours to watch them all."

Sittre says there's a wide variety of offerings, but one theme was recurring in most films.

"It showcases their neighborhood. It showcases maybe their favorite place they have that they like to go to and hang out. It's going to be a very unique experience."

This is the Neighborhood Film Project’s 7th year of helping the city determine its own sense of self...through film.  

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