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Dramatic San Antonio Skyline Change Thursday

The San Antonio skyline is about to change dramatically, and it's not going to take a year or two. In fact, it's pretty much going to happen instantly.  Bill Fitzgibbons is a Light Sculpturist, and he's the artist behind the change. 

"The switch is thrown this Thursday, sometime between 8:15 and 8:30."

You may know Fitzgibbons' colorful, cycling lights beneath I-37 at Commerce Street. Now he's turned his creativity skyward. 

"This particular building is the second tallest building in the downtown skyline. And it's a very interesting architecture."

He's talking about the Bank of America Tower at 300 Convent Street. 

"It has kind of a stair step effect to it. And there are bays that go along the north and south that are inset to the building and it was really just perfectly designed for a light sculpture."

This Thursday those on north and south sides of it will become awash with light. And the lighting display will happen every night. Throughout the year it will, at times, be thematic.

"I have nine different programs that will be coming on throughout the year. Such as, we have a special program for Fiesta. We have a special program for the holidays. Being Irish American, on St. Patrick's Day we'll have it all green," he said. "We have a special treat for Valentine's Day. I have a simulation of a heart beating on the side of the building showing its love for San Antonio. "

While Kinetic Skyline is public art, it's privately funded.  The building's new owners wanted something dramatic, so they contacted Fitzgibbons.

"And they wanted to do something that was more sustainable, using LED."

LEDs are known to be brighter, yet more efficient. And it won't be just a downtown thing. The tower will be seen from quite a distance.

"You should be able to see this building from past [Loop] 410."

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii