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See The Vampire Classic 'Nosferatu' With A Live Band

Invincible Czars
Invincible Czars

There's something pretty odd going on down at Urban 15 on Saturday night. Back in the 20s, silent  movies were that--silent--but often movie houses had a keyboard player or organist who provided mood music. At Urban 15 on South Presa, the band Invincible Czars are pretty much doing that.

"We're doing our score that we created for the silent film Nosferatu."

Josh Robins says Nosferatu was created in 1922 and has a very interesting backstory.  

"Nosferatu is basically the story of Dracula. It's the first vampire movie."

So on Saturday, the Invincible Czars will watch the film along with the audience and play music to go along with it. What kind of music?

"Modern classical music performed by guitar, bass, violin, woodwinds and various percussion.  It's supposed to ride the emotional ups and downs along with the drama that you see before you on the screen. We try to make the movie scarier through the music."

As to what the event costs, not a whole lot.

"It's $10 per person."

I had to note "At ten bucks a shot you can either go see a really bad bang-'em-up movie at the Cineplex, or you can go and have a real experience at Urban 15, right?"

"Yeah, you can see actual humans making music with a film like it was done back in the 1920s.  It's fun to watch, even if I do say so myself."

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For a taste of what the movie and music will be like, watch this.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=062_Goe5hwc

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