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San Antonio's DreamWeek Dreams Big

You may have heard  people speak about DreamWeek recently and want to know more about it. I spoke with spokeswoman Nicole Bernal, and she's definitely a glass-half-full kind of person.

"If you can change one mind or enlighten one person I think the whole summit is worth it."

That summit is DreamWeek, a massive series of city- and community-sponsored events.

"DreamWeek takes place in downtown San Antonio over 12 days in January. And it's a summit of events--this year we have over 150."

While the events vary from panel discussions to movie viewings to mixers, galas and wellness forums, Bernal says they all have a common theme.

"They want to promote peace, tolerance and understanding of these issues so that we can work towards a peaceful resolution.  So really, every event is dedicated towards advancing the issues of tolerance, equality and diversity."

These are particularly polarizing times.  "Do you sometimes feel like you're fighting an uphill battle?"

"No, no, I don't think so," she said enthusiastically. "You have to believe that good will win. You have to believe in the good people you are working with. The people that are hosting events this year have doubled from last year. There are people out there who want to advance this positivity and these voices."

Bernal says the city's cultural diversity positions it squarely at the forefront of what the evolving America can become.

"We have all this diversity. No. 1: Why don't we celebrate it? No. 2-: Why aren't we celebrating it more? And that's what these events do. They bring awareness to an issue."

DreamWeek is actually nearly two, ending January 19. 

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