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Weekend Is Filled With Culture And Fun

Another cooler weekend is heading our way and we've found some fun things to do, rain, shine or a mix. 

Tonight at the Guadalupe Theater they're showing the movie Selena, but Kiko Martinez says...

"Instead of just sitting there, eating your popcorn and watching a film, you can get up and dance."

Not only that, but Martinez says they'll have lyrics for all the songs printed out for you so you can sing.

"Have fun, sing along with Jennifer Lopez." 

He says the event is a family one, and one sure to draw a passionate crowd.

"Selena's going to be on Friday night. The screening is free and open to the public, and it's going to be at 7:30 p.m."

Then across town at Trinity University they're staging a new production of a drama classic: Threepenny Opera. Here's Theater Director Kyle Gillette.

"It's an extraordinary piece. This is a very cool musical, that is both very meaningful socially, and super fun to watch."

He says that for its time, the edgy play was really innovative. 

"Something to the effect of South Park for its time.  There's great songs--Mack The Knife." he said. "It opens Friday the 13th and runs for that weekend and the following weekend."

On Saturday night, follow the light to the Diwali: Festival of Light at La Villita.

"The meaning behind it is to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Celebrate knowledge over ignorance."

Kausi Subramaniam is part of the organization that puts on Diwali. They're presenting Indian food, clothing, jewelry and dance, and the vast array of Indian culture will be on display."

"And we end the evening with fireworks."  

It's all free and it's on Saturday night.

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