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Casbeers At The Church: A Very Different Worship This Sunday

A south Texas Music and food venue has been closed for the last four years, but a Sunday event will bring it back, if just in memories. The venue started out as a twin, bell-towered Methodist Church on South Alamo. Eventually it became an eatery, and then a cafe with live music.

“And they called it Casbeers at the Church.”

Michael Ann Corker runs the South Texas Popular Culture Center.

"We like to call it Tex Pop.  We think of ourselves and want to be known as an archive of local music history.”

Which brings us back to Casbeers—music was played primarily in the sanctuary amidst stained glass and church pews. Coker thinks fondly back on the era.

“And I was there for the last concert at the church and oh, it was bittersweet.”

As a remembrance of Casbeers, Tex Pop now opens an exhibit full of pictures of the place, the bands who played it and the people who loved it.

"We’re going to have three bands play. It’s True Stories, and then we’re having Miss Neesie and Ear Food Orchestra, and we’re having Michael Martin and the Infidels. All three of those bands played regularly at Casbeers.”

It starts 1PM Sunday afternoon. Tex Pop is located where Mulberry meets Broadway, across from Good Time Charlie’s restaurant. "

“This is important. We want to teach the kids how cool we were" she smiled, then added "...and about how important San Antonio’s music scene is.”

We've more on the Popular Culture Center here.