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Celebrate The Beauty of The Timple In A Wonderful Cathedral

Musical Bridges Around The World
Benito Cabrera

Musical Bridges Around the World is staging another interesting concert on Tuesday night June 9th.  It starts with MBAW’s Mission.

“Our mission is uniting people through musical performances and art shows that highlight cultural diversity.”

Anya Grokhovski is their musical director. She was approached by San Antonio’s Canary Island Descendants Association.

“They’re descendants from original Canary Islanders who started this city as we know it now.”

Those descendants wanted Benito Cabrera to come to town to play.

(to hear him play, hit "Listen" above or see the video below)

I asked Anya “Who is Benito Cabrera?”

“Benito Cabrera is a a musician from the Canary Islands, and he plays a very interesting instrument.”

That instrument is the timple--picture a five-stringed ukulele. It’s the traditional Canary Island instrument and Cabrera is considered perhaps its finest player.  Now he’s coming to San Antonio.

“He’s going to play at the San Fernando Cathedral, with amplification, and a screen behind him showing some scenery from his beautiful country.”

And after the concert’s done, the evening isn’t quite.

"After that we want to invite everybody to the dessert reception next door.”

I laid it out for her. “Really great international music at a really interesting place, with a really outstanding artist, all for free, and then you serve dessert on top of it?”

“Absolutely, yeah.”

After the dessert reception they want attendees to go out to Main Plaza for the performance of  animated The Saga against the wall of San Fernando Cathedral.

Regarding the MBAW Mission, looks like mission accomplished.

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