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5000 Year Old Epic Indian Poem Becomes Dance-Off

Attic Rep is staging a very unusual production starting next week. I spoke to its Director.

“I am Roberto Prestogiacomo and I am the Producing Artistic Director of Attic Rep.”

Attic Rep is the resident theatrical organization at the Tobin. This production is called From the Mahabharata—The Great Dance-Off. What makes this production unusual is…well, just about everything. Its source idea begins with the Mahabharata, which he describes this way.

“An epic story which was written about 5000 years ago, a story that really, in my opinion, represents the soul of the Indian people.”

In this production India’s Epic Story is represented on stage through the works of a dance company. One faction wants to stay with traditional Indian dance styles.

“While others think that it should be produced using contemporary dance style. And through this conflict we tell this single story that is representing the Mahabharata. At the end of the performance the two factions will meet onstage for a dance-off.”

Music is being composed in New York by Reena Esmail and will be recorded for the production by San Antonio’s Soli Chamber Ensemble.

“This is a great opportunity for our community to witness the talent that San Antonio has to offer.”

History, dance, music, generational conflict—all on one stage.

“As an artist it’s always wonderful to have the opportunity to be challenged and to push the limits of what we know and how we do things.”

It starts next week at the Tobin’s Carlos Alvarez Theater. 
For more on the Mahabharata go here

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