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Fiesta Fun For The Weekend

It’s Fiesta’s First weekend and given what the radars are showing, here a few events that might otherwise fly under your radar. First off—on both Saturday and Sunday it’s the Fiesta Arts Fair.

"It’s a wonderful family event.”

Shannon Houghtaling is Fiesta’s Director of Communications.
“They do a really good job of having activities to appeal to both adults and children.”

I asked "There’s food, drink, music, art—that’s all a part of Fiesta Arts Fair, right?"

“Yes, it’s the full Fiesta flair. If it gets too much rain on Saturday, it's there Sunday.”

Then we moved on to the south side for The Old Mexico and Charreada.

"That is just an incredible, traditional display of authentic Charreada. You get to see the horses and the costumes. They do a wonderful job of keeping it authentic.”

If Charreada is not in your lexicon, Shannon clarifies.

“It is a Mexican rodeo.”

“It’s actually kind of formal—aren’t they dressed real neat?” I asked.

“Oh yeah—they’re dressed gorgeous. They’re in traditional costume  and the horses are beautiful.”

The Old Mexico and Charreada are noon to six both Sundays. Then we moved on to The Fiesta Mariachi Mass.

“That’s actually beautiful, beautiful traditional Catholic Mass that takes place at San Fernando. And they have Mariachis play throughout the mass. They always do that on the First Sunday of Fiesta to kick off and bless the festivities.”

Shannon says there are new Fiesta events, one of which is 4-legged in nature, playing off the El Ray Feo Coronation.

“The El Ray Fido Coronation, and that’s where they crown the King Dog.”

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