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‘Crime And Punishment’ To Open At The Playhouse

It started out as a classic Russian novel, but now, Crime & Punishment is a new production at the Playhouse. Here is Director David Rinear.

“It’s an adaptation of the classic Dostoyevsky novel. The adaptors have condensed the novel into a 90 minute play for three actors.”

Those three actors play additional roles as well.

“It’s a really good piece for actors who know what they’re doing.”

One of the play’s characters is a familiarly constructed one.

“The character Porfiry is the granddaddy of all those apparently bumbling detectives who are very very sly and very very clever, but they just seem like they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Think Columbo.

“So the characters are very rich and very interesting.”

He says casting was key to making this work.

“Tony Ciaravino is playing Roskolnikov. He worked at the Guthrie Theater in Minnesota, he’s an equity actor, he’s a solid pro. A man named John Minton.  He’s a professional actor originally from South Texas, did his time out on the West Coast, did really quite well. And then a young woman named Kaceye Roye, who works for the Magik Theater here in town, the children’s theater, who’s also had extensive professional experience, primarily on the West Coast.”

He was enjoying himself, so the question had to be asked. Was he having any fun?

“Oh yeah, I’m having a good time! I’m reminded of Don Cheadle’s line from Oceans Eleven: ‘It’s nice to be working with proper villains again.”’

Crime and Punishment opens at the Playhouse’s Cellar Theater on ‘Friday the Thirteenth.’ For more information, do go here.