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Symphony Plays Baroque In Classic Setting

Liz Garza Williams
Akiko Fujimoto

The San Antonio Symphony is taking music to one of the city’s most intimate places to view music being made.  Akiko Fujimoto is the Associate Conductor.

“We have the second Baroque concert of the season. We are performing the Brandenburg Concertos by Bach. Out of the six concertos we are performing numbers one, three and five. The odd-numbered ones.”

They’re performing the odd-numbered ones in a not-so-odd venue.

“San Fernando Cathedral, which was built during the Baroque period in music history, so it couldn’t be more appropriate. Such a historic, beautiful venue for historic, beautiful music.”

The acoustics of the downtown Cathedral lends itself to this kind of music, but there’s something more about the place.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s very intimate. And we are right up against the first row of the audience, so we feel surrounded by the audience members”

The Brandenburg Concertos are energetic, lively pieces.

“It’s very vivid music with a lot of excitement here and there. Texture is very dense, but with fewer people, so it will be light, but very complex.”

As someone who’s been to one of these San Fernando performances I recommend getting there early. 

“This Sunday, March first and 7PM. This is a 75 minute concert with no intermission.”

We’ve more on this concert here.

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii