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Branford Marsalis Coming To San Antonio For Master Class

Eric Ryan Anderson
Branford Marsalis

Youth Orchestras of San Antonio (YOSA) will be getting a rare treat Saturday, February 21st, and you have the opportunity to see it unfold.  YOSA says it builds young lives through music, and next Saturday there’s a big window of opportunity for that change to happen. YOSA Music Director Troy Peters explains.

“The amazing saxophonist Branford Marsalis is coming to San Antonio and he’s going to be working with YOSA over the course of a couple of days. He’s going to do a Master Class on Saturday night at seven o’clock at Trinity University, Ruth Taylor recital hall.”

That someone of the professional stature of Branford Marsalis would come here is probably a big deal to these kids.

“Some of them know him from the jazz world, where he’s a legend. Some of them know him from his work with Sting or the Grateful Dead. Some of them know him from old Tonight Show re-runs. But they’re all aware of him as this legendary figure in American music.”

"We’ve talked about how thrilled the kids must be to have him here. How about Troy Peters?” I asked.

"Working with guest artists is about offering a life-changing opportunity to the student musicians that I work with. But I’m not going to lie—it’s a lot of fun for me as a musician to get a chance to jam with someone I’ve admired since I was a kid.  He is really a giant, and we’re fortunate to have him with us.”

We’ve more here. Next Week a conversation with Branford Marsalis Jack Morgan, Texas Public Radio News.  ]

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