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San Antonio Chamber Choir Going 3-D

Robert Strovers
San Antonio Chamber Choir

The San Antonio Chamber Choir is positioning its next gig as a 3-D performance.

“Yeah, Drama, Desire and Dessert. And I especially like the Dessert.”

Rick Bjella is anxious to sink his teeth into Saturday night’s Sunset Station performance.

“We’re touching lots of different parts of love, in terms of the music we’ve selected.”

The decade old professional choir is presenting a program that runs chronological, from the early madrigals to the much more contemporary.

“Like Gershwin and songs like ‘Over The Rainbow’ and the Beatles’ ‘When I’m 64.’ So it’s a real potpourri of repertoire that we’re presenting.  A little bit of everything. Sort of life as we know it experienced in about an hour and half. We have the song 'Somebody To Love' by Freddie Mercury as an encore. So in terms of a wide swatch of repertoire.”

“So madrigals to Queen?”

“Yes" he laughed. "Absolutely!"

We’ve more on the San Antonio Chamber Choir here.

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