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San Antonio International Piano Artist Returns For Concert

Courtesy Yupeng Gu
Pianist Yejin Noh

A former Bronze Medal winner in the San Antonio International Piano Competition is returning  to San Antonio for a performance soon, and she’s coming from South Korea.

“On February 21st San Antonio International Piano Competition will be presenting Yejin Noh in recital.”

Terence Frazor is the Competition’s Executive Vice President. Ms. Noh competed here three years ago.

“She was the winner of several prizes in that competition. Yejin won the prize for the best performance of the commissioned work. She also won the prize for the best performance of the romantic work at the competition. So we’re very excited to hear her again in full recital.”

The evening will begin with a pre-recital lecture.

"Before each concert we’ll be having a short lecture relating to her program.”

And after the performance: a glass of wine.

“Yes, we’ll have a wine reception and meet the artist immediately following the performance.”

I asked “So you get to hear the artist and then immediately afterwards meet her and tell her how much you enjoyed it.”


We’ve more on the recital with Yejin Noh here.


Nowcast.com recording of San Antonio International Piano Competition performance.



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