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Pushing The Boundaries of Ceramics: SAMA's "Ancient To Modern"

The San Antonio Museum of Art thinks the best way to understand contemporary Japanese Ceramics is to wind the clock back about twelve thousand years.  That’s because unlike other cultures, twelve thousand years ago Japanese were actually making pots.

“The earliest known culture in the world that produced ceramics."

Emily Sano curated the exhibit.

"It’s one of the earliest steps that mankind took towards a civilized society.”

The exhibit features ancient pieces, all the way to very edgy, modern pieces.

"People have no idea, really, the heights at which this field is going" she said about Contemporary Japanese ceramics.

The country's dominance in Ceramics started long ago. The formal Tea Ceremony was a driver, and even it has an odd origin: Buddhist Monks.

“The Monks needed the tea to stay awake during their long meditation sessions.”

While static pots are what depicts the Japanese ceramics history in this exhibit, somehow it's tremendously exciting. The range of styles is pretty dramatic. And change in the field continues.

“Contemporary Japanese ceramics are creating a lot of buzz in New York and in California where there are big collections being built.”

You can see "Ancient To Modern" until April 4. We've more on the exhibit here.



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