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The Language Of Music: She Loves To Pass It On To The Young

Lisa-Marie Mazzucco
Simone Dinnerstein

An eminent pianist is coming to San Antonio. She’s New Yorker Simone Dinnerstein.

“It’s my first trip to San Antonio so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been in a lot of cold places recently” she laughed.

Dinnerstein found her way to piano at an early age, but it was a circuitous route.

“As a child I took ballet classes and there was a pianist who played Chopin in the class and I really loved the sound of the piano.  Immediately I felt like I had found my language; it felt so natural."

She spends a lot of time exposing children to music, visiting schools, trying to light a creative fire in young minds.

“Very young people in particular are extremely open, and haven’t as yet developed any prejudices against classical music.” 

San Antonio's Tuesday Musical Club has brought her to the Laurel Heights Methodist Church for a program of Schumann, Bach and Schubert.

"I’m playing a really beautiful program I think."

How to get tickets here.

More on Ms. Dinnerstein here.



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