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British Invasion At The Aztec Theatre

Liverpool Legends
Lou Harrison gets a lift from Liverpool Legends

A Fab Four of sorts will be rocking the Aztec Theatre on Saturday night. I was able to speak with someone of note about that concert--very much of note! The late George Harrison’s gregarious sister, Louise, who insists on being called "Lou" because "Louise" is "so old-fashioned."

Click the audio link above, and you may think you’re hearing the Beatles, but you’re hearing Liverpool Legends.

“They really pull the audience right in to be part of the show," Lou says. "After 3 or 4 Beatles songs they’re jumping around like they’re teenagers again.”

Lou lived in the US in 1963, back before the Beatles' big Ed Sullivan gig.

“My mum sent me some of their singles and I was running around to all the radio stations saying ‘hey, this is my kid brother’s band and they’re number one in England, and you should be playing them over here!’”

As Lou explained, George’s first time in the states wasn’t the Ed Sullivan visit.

“He came over to visit me in September.”

He even played a public gig with a local band in Southern Illinois.

“And everybody in the place just went wild.”

Afterwards someone there told the band this:

“That kid who’s trying out for your band—you’d be crazy if you don’t hire him.”

Imagine how American rock-n-roll history might be different. For more on Saturday, January 17th's Aztec Theatre performance, go here. For more on the Liverpool Legends, go here.