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Copperleaf Quintet Set To Make Impression At The McNay

Photo by Corene
Copperleaf Quintet

Two local institutions are teaming up for a unique in-exhibit performance. The McNay Museum of Art and the Copperleaf Quintet have got an interesting plan for the afternoon of Sunday, Nov. 30.

“We do! Copperleaf is going to be singing at the McNay, in the Stieren Center, for their "Intimate Impressionism" Exhibit."

That's the Copperleaf's Ruth Moreland.

"We’re very excited to be bringing this music to that space. It’s a concert of French Salon Music.”

French music, French art — it sounds like an immersion in Frenchness.

“It is! You know the art itself is very atmospheric and so is the music. As people enter the gallery, they’ll hear the music back in the gallery, and as they follow the art, they’ll follow the music. A feast for the senses.”

That's the McNay’s Rosemary Hickman.

“The music really brings the paintings to life.”

Will it be fun?

"I had the privilege of sitting in on one of the Copperleaf’s rehearsals and their voices are just angelic. I can’t see anyone not enjoying this concert; their voices are so beautiful. The acoustics in the Stieren Center are so great, it’s just a perfect fit.”

And Ruth Moreland plants this additional thought.

“If you have family in town, it’s a great opportunity to come and see some beautiful art. And it is a free concert with museum admission.”

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