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All Male Ballet Troupe Big On Talent, And Laughs

It’s a troupe unlike any that San Antonians have seen.  How is Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo not like your regular ballet company?

“Well, the Ballet Trockadero is a male company. We’re all male.”

Carlos Hopuy dances with them.

“So we dance en pointe shoes. And we do comedy ballet.”

I had to ask--"Comedy and ballet, that’s a really odd combination, right?"

“Yeah! It’s really hard for us to make it, like, seem easy. But at the same time, it’s really fun to do it.”

What we’re talking about here is an all-male ballet troupe, with men playing both men and women, in tutus and makeup, dancing. And dancing well.

“I’ve been in the company two-and-a-half years now, and I really love it.”

I’ve seen some videos and they’re clearly both funny and impressive.

“Exactly. Exactly. It takes a lot of work.”

I asked what can people who come and see them expect.

“They can expect a lot of fun. Dancers with good technique. A really great show.”

I suggested that people who like ballet will like it, and people who don’t like ballet will like it too.

“Definitely. Even kids will like it.”  

Arts San Antonio is bringing Trockadero de Monte Carlo to the Majestic on Thursday, Nov. 13.

"[It's a] Really fun show to watch.”

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