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SAY Si Given Art by the Romo Family

Two local educators offer up a chunk of their art collection.  More on that in a moment, but first, a term we need to understand: Seriography. Here's SAY Si's Jon Hinojosa.

“The easiest and best way to understand what seriography is is that it’s really a screen printing or a silk screening process.”

Think Andy Warhol and Campbell’s Soup cans. Those are Seriographs. This is is the point where UTSA's Harriet and Ricardo Romo come into the picture with their involvement in something called the Serie Project.

“They have been collecting the Serie Project, which was a program based in Austin, Texas with the late Sam Coronado, since its beginning” said Hinojosa.

He says its beginning was in 1993, when Coronado created it to encourage young talent's creativity through a residency program.

“The Serie Project was really important because it gave a young, emerging Latino Artists, and others throughout the United States and Mexico, come in and do a residency and create these prints.”

Those prints were bought originally by the Romos, who Hinojosa says, now have donated them to SAY Si to use in an exhibit.

“The Romos gave us a total of 135 prints from the Serie Project.”

Not only can they come to SAY Si to see them, Hinojosa says they can buy them as well.

“Yeah, that’s the most exciting part. The opening is on Friday the third, and it runs for three weeks and closes on the twenty-fourth, and the money raised will go back to our program and build scholarship opportunities for students.”

Hinojosa says the artists represented are almost a who’s who of San Antonio Artists.

“Alex Rubio, he’s represented. Rolando Briseno, or Angel Rodriguez-Diaz, or Alma Lopez, who’s a really well-known respected artist. Cesar Martinez—we have three prints from him.”

It all kicks off Friday evening at SAY Si’s South Alamo home base.

“The opening exhibit runs from 6 to 9 on Friday the 3rd. It’s a vast, beautiful collection."

We have more here:  http://www.saysi.org/ai1ec_event/sam-coronado-serie-project-exhibit-first-friday-opening/?instance_id=