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Classic Theatre's "Private Lives" About To Go Public

Dwayne Green
Cast of "Private Lives."

Classic Theatre is living up to its name by tackling another classic: "Private Lives," one of Broadway’s most revived and popular of plays. Classic as it is, it’s got an odd plot line.

"Elliot and Amanda have been married before, and they divorced," said Anna Gangai, who plays Amanda.

“Five years later they are each married to two different types of people," Gangai said. "And they are on their honeymoon night in adjoining rooms, unbeknownst to them, in the south of France. Comedy ensues, I’ll put it that way.”

Comedy, and what sounds like tense moments.

“It’s long been one of my very favorite plays," said Tim Hedgepeth, who directs the production. "I could talk all day about this play, really. I’m very very fond of Noel Coward. He’s always been one of my favorite playrights.”

"Private Lives" is one of the comedy of manners for which Coward is well known. From Hedgepeth's description I had to ask Amanda: "Is it really fun to play?"

“It really is. It’s a blast; we’re having such fun with it" she said. "What more can I say? She’s kind of that iconic role that Noel Coward has written and it’s such a joy to get to discover her.”

If you’re thinking of going, here are the details:

“We run Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at eight in the evenings, and Sunday at 3 p.m. We run until May 25. I would definitely suggest getting reservations," Gangai said.

There are adult themes but it sounds like it might run shy of PG-13, as Gangai details.

"It has to do with people who are sexually attracted to each other but there is no nudity," she said. "We lay next to each other on a bed, but I don’t think there’s anything that would offend anyone."

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