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San Antonio Symphony's Discover Concert Dives Into Schubert's 9th


There’s a concert coming up that parents might want to get on their calendars. And really, the parents might enjoy this one as much as the kids.

"And the focus of that concert is going to be the [Franz] Schubert 9th [Symphony], which is the great C-Major symphony," said San Antonio Symphony President David Gross, who is nothing, if not enthusiastic.

As he explained, this one is one of the symphony’s "discover" concerts, which are geared toward helping people discover classical music.

"And they have an educational/entertaining format to them where Sebastian Lang-Lessing will talk about sections of the piece, a little bit of historical perspective of what went on in Schubert’s life that might have influence his composition," Gross said.

I noted to Gross that it sounded just a bit like the VH1 "Behind the Music" series.

"A little bit like that, yes. There’ll be slides highlighting aspects of Schubert’s life," Gross said. "Video cameras will be going around the orchestra and focusing on the various sections, and focusing on Sebastian, both when he’s speaking and conducting. A little bit more informal than a regular classical concert."

For those of you wanting the regular fare -- not the discovery concerts -- those too will be happening the same weekend. Gross laid out the schedule of concerts.

"The people that either attend the classical concert that weekend on Friday or Saturday evening, which we will be doing Schubert, or at the discover concert on Sunday, are going to be very pleased, very excited about the work," Gross said.

German composer Robert Schumann called Schubert's 9th Symphony the greatest instrumental work since the death of Beethoven. See for yourself May 9-11.

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii