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Copperleaf Celebrates Religious And Secular Singing With Two Performances

Jack Morgan
Copperleaf Quintet’s Ruth Moreland at the TPR studios.";

You’ve probably heard of San Antonio’s Copperleaf Quintet. Their soaring, pulled-from-a-different-era vocals have been heard locally in churches, museums and performance halls for the past four years. Now they have a pair of performances coming up.

“This upcoming concert this Sunday is actually part of the Music for St. Marks Series, which, that series is in its 22nd year," said Copperleaf Quintet’s Executive Director Ruth Moreland.

“Copperleaf will be singing a concert for the Lenten season" she said. "So we’ll be singing some music by some English composers, we’ll sing some things by Lassus, and we’ll end out the concert with some really wonderful pieces that are music for the people. They are villanescas by Francisco Guerrero."

The free concert is 5 p.m. Sunday at Mark’s Episcopal Church downtown, where she says the resonance of its wooden surfaces really makes a difference.

“The building is part of the ensemble, and it’s a wonderful place to sing,” Moreland said.

And then there’s Tuesday’s performance.

“It’s Enunciation Day, so we’ll be doing a concert and it will be at the Chapel of the Incarnate Word" said Moreland. "It’s a free concert, so people can come and really enjoy an hour of really wonderful, glorious music in that beautiful space on a Tuesday night.”

The music itself starts with Renaissance-era music, moves to early Baroque, and then concludes with Brahms.

“It’s this wonderful sort of combination of sacred and secular poetry and it's that beautiful, lush Brahms harmonies. And so it’s really a very varied concert for this special occasion,” Moreland said.

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii