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World Music Symposium Features Eastern European Flair

John Clare
TPR Arts
Ruth Moreland.

There’s a unique training opportunity coming up for singers in San Antonio.

“I’m not sure there’s ever been a world music symposium in San Antonio before, so Benissimo Music is collaborating with Trinity University and we’re going to put on this wonderful two-day event" said Benissimo Music's Ruth Moreland.

Moreland said there will be master classes and they are bringing in Balkan music specialist Eva Salina Primack.

The focus of the World Music Symposium is choral music from Eastern Europe. And the opportunity to learn from the masters of this particular kind of choral music isn’t lost on Gary Seighman, the director of choral activities at Trinity University.

"I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to engage those students and get them involved in this project."

I noted to Seighman that an educational opportunity for his students is probably pretty exciting for them.

“It’s thrilling and we’re really enjoying the music that we’re learning," he said. "We’ve been working on it now for several months.”

Those students get credit for the work they’re doing in the lead-up to this event. After all the master classes and instructions for the students, there will also be a pair of performances for the general public. The first is a solo effort by Ms. Primack.

“Her and her accordion (are) singing some things from Central Europe, Serbia and Macedonia at John the Greek Restaurant on Friday evening," Moreland said. "And then on Saturday there’s a sort of a culminating concert with Voci De Sorrelli (Moreland’s choral group) and Voix d'Esprit (Seighman’s Trinity choir)."

“So it’s a great opportunity for education as well as entertainment," Moreland said.

The public is invited to the singing event at the restaurant.

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