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The Playhouse Does Sondheim's Musical 'Company'

The Playhouse is tackling another classic and this time it's Stephen Sondheim's musical "Company."

" 'Company' is a delightful show about a man who is having his 35th birthday" said Playhouse CEO Asia Ciaravino. "And he basically looks at his life around him with all of his friends -- his married friends, his friends who are in different kinds of relationships -- and says, 'Is this what I want?' And it’s really a show that’s not connected by a story -- it’s connected through his memories."

The play is conceived and written around its central character, Bobby.

"And he’s kind of the center of his friends' world — they all love him and want to be happy and they always question him, 'Why aren’t you married? Why haven’t you settled down? What are you doing with your life?' " Ciaravino said.

I noted to her that I’ve sure know some people like that.

"We’ve all known people like Bobby," Ciaravino said with a laugh.

All the music is created live and performed onstage. Ciaravino sings high praises of her vocalists.

"We have the most incredible voices in San Antonio in this piece," she said. "Sondheim is so challenging, it’s such difficult music, but they make it look completely effortless, which is, you know, a true test of an actor."

I asked her what kind of experience people who come can expect.

"What you can expect is buckling up for a wild ride of fun, interesting scenes between Bobby and his friends, incredible music, and really, time to reflect on your life and what you’re going through," Ciaravino said. "I mean, that’s theater at its best."

"Company" is currently playing on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until March 2.

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii