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PASA Turns City Hall Into A Work Of Art

Courtesy the Artist
Jason Wilome Art

There is a new art exhibit that the city thinks you should know about.

“Every six months we do a rotating exhibit of artwork at City Hall and Municipal Plaza and for this upcoming rotation we’re featuring over 60 artworks of artists who teach in different institutions around San Antonio,” said Public Arts Specialist Marissa Laubscher.

As Laubscher details, this is artwork created by those who teach our young how to create art for themselves.

"This time we just really wanted to stress the contributions who teach in the community," Laubscher said. "Also a big reason we do it is to show support for the arts at City Hall, to have the arts have a presence there while decisions are being made.”

“So you’re trying to affect our leaders and make them think that art is a good thing,” I said, jokingly.

"We like to show them how it really can improve a space," she said with a laugh.

To those who think the city shouldn't spend fistfuls of dollars on art, it’s important to remember this:

"These artworks are loaned from the community out of the generosity of the community" Laubscher said. "So there’s no funding behind it."

It’s all done under the eye of Public Arts San Antonio (PASA). Laubscher explains how it works.

"What we mainly do is for public capital improvements," she said. "There’s a one percent ordinance that goes to public art, so if there’s a library being built, or the airport or the convention center being built, or things like that, we’ll commission public art projects."

PASA is yet another way San Antonio is expanding its reputation as a work of Art.

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii