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Pilobolus Dance Theater Brings Their "Revolutionary" Style To San Antonio

The Pilobolus Dance Theater is coming to the Majestic on Tuesday, January 14, but if you think you’re going to see standard dance fare, you’re in for some surprises.

"As a company we’re always pushing ourselves to do things that we haven’t done before," said dancer Eriko Jimbo.

"We’re always trying to reach for the next thing," she said.

Pilobolus doesn’t so many exhibit-specific dance moves and standard choreography. Their marketing calls them "revolutionary," "athletic" and "witty."

"We’re not just dancers, but we always use theater and we can create these witty moments onstage because we use everything," Jimbo said. "Some pieces are purely just for fun."

What can San Antonians expect to see if they come?

"Pieces that’ll make you laugh, and cry and just make you wonder," Jimbo said.

They use props, shape shifting, shadow play and other physical techniques to engage their audiences.

"I highly encourage people who haven’t seen dance live to go see it live, because I think it gives you an experience," Jimbo said. "If it’s done well then it allows you to tap into memories, or things that relate to you as you watch."

Pilobolus has performed for a TED talk and collaborated with band Ok Go on a music video. See a preview for both below.


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