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This May Be San Antonio's Most Unusual Holiday Celebration

It’s a San Antonio holiday event truly like no other.  We asked Tubameister Ray Grim, who coordinates the group of tuba and euphonium players, just what a Tubameister is.

"A tubameister is someone who has mastered the tuba, in our case it’s a name for our group, calling ourselves the Tubameisters."

He explained how Tubas are known primarily for its background function in music.

"These are instruments that don’t often be at the forefront, but in this concert we get to play all the parts, including the melody."

We asked him if their standpoint was akin to the Rodney Dangerfield schtick--"I don’t get no respect’?"

"Tuba players in general are almost instantly friends because they share this Rodney Dangerfield attitude."  

The Tubameisters have a free holiday event at the Arneson River Theater this Saturday at noon, and it’s definitely a must-see for as many as 156 reasons. Last year, 152 additional tubas and their players showed up to help play in the Christmas program.

"The river boats, or barges, going through will pause for a moment and let their patrons listen for a moment."

We had to wonder how many people have gone home with their video cameras filled with the most bizarre thing they’d ever seen in the Alamo City, 156 tubas at the Arneson Theater.