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Austin Baroque Orchestra Comes To San Antonio

Courtesy of Austin Baroque Orchestra
Austin Baroque Orchestra

If you like Classical music and history, there’s something coming to San Antonio that you’ll probably want to see: The Austin Baroque Orchestra.

If you go to their performance, you'll note that something about their music sounds a little different. That's probably because of the instruments they use to make it. The group uses instruments like the shawm, a double reed woodwind instrument, the dulcian, another woodwind instrument that was the precursor to the bassoon, and the sackbut, a Renaissance trombone.

When they come to San Antonio on Saturday, November 16, they won't just be using period instruments, they'll be playing and singing period compositions.

"We’re going to be playing a program of music from Mexico, from Peru and from Bolivia" said Artistic Director Blly Traylor. "And all the music that we’re playing is drawn from cathedral archives and mission archives from those three countries."

They’ll be playing period music on period instruments, music selections that were actually played in missions and cathedrals of that era. So what better place to play than Mission Concepción.

"It’s almost like going back in time, if you can ignore the air conditioning and the electric lighting and that we're wearing modern clothes. Almost a form of acoustic time travel," Traylor said.

The Austin nonprofit is trying to expand into San Antonio. As to how big a sound they make, Traylor pointed out who will be there.

"We’re about 35 people, which is split roughly down the middle between instrumentalists and singers," Traylor said.

Latin American Baroque Music played in one of the city’s most beautiful historic settings. Should be an interesting event!

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii